Aerial Construction Services

We have highly trained and mobile staff that are motivated to provide
quality service to our customers. We are familiar with local construction codes
and practices in many markets, and are licensed and bonded in multiple
states and municipalities.

On our staff we have experienced anchor placement crews, make ready personnel,
linemen, supervisors and QC techs. Our employees are familiar with various
strand configurations, fiber, coax and twisted pair cabling. In addition, our
support staff provides maps, as-builts and other documentation for
our customers in a timely and professional fashion.

Our Aerial work includes
but is not limited to:

* Make Ready
* Strand Placement
* Anchor Placement
* Copper and Fiber Cabling

* New Construction
* Rebuild/Upgrade
* Testing Activation

Site Construction by Sage Telecommunications
Sage Telecommunications is a Limited Liability Company.