Underground Construction Services

Experienced operators know only too well that underground construction
is more involved than simply placing pipe in the ground. Sage is well
versed in the importance of safety, and coordination with both municipal
and residential constituents.

The protection of our employees, our customers and the public is evident
on every jobsite. To ensure minimum disruption to municipal authorities,
we create traffic plans and schedules that reduce our time on the street.
Finally, we make sure that local residents are aware of our activities in
advance, and can reach us with any questions they might have.

Our Underground work
includes but is not limited to:

* Directional Bore
* Rebuild/Upgrade
* Vaults & Pedestals
* New Construction
* Substructure Upgrade
* Copper & Fiber Cabling

* Manholes
* Plowing
* Duct Systems
* Trenching
* Testing Activation

Site Construction by Sage Telecommunications
Sage Telecommunications is a Limited Liability Company.